I help businesses accelerate their sales, automate their operations & maximize their profits!
It's my passion to help you put your business into overdrive. I can help you create and automate offers, improve processes and build a team that allows you to serve your dream clients with less time, stress, and cost. 

And no... this isn't ONLY about money, it's about Freedom. But you already knew that.

61% Sales Increase in One Year

"Troy was responsible for both the development of the product line as well as the marketing and sales. Sales of his product line increased annually, one year achieving a 61% increase."

Larry - President
National Service Company

New Revenue from Current Clients

Troy identified additional service offerings adding more revenue from our client base, as well as allowing us to secure new clients in new industries. 
As a result, our margins enjoyed a significant increase. Troy’s insight, vision, sales ability, attention to details and unending tenacity directly improved our company’s operations, financials, position, and reputation in the industry.

Tim - CEO 

Big Picture Perspective

His past operational management experience provides him with a big picture perspective, adaptability and sense of urgency. His solutions are mindful of the customers experience, P & L obligations and project impact on the store teams work environment.

Troy is a coaching team leader and advocate for professionalism and program implementation.

Bob - SVP - National Retailer
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