Troy Batchelor
I am a Business/Life Strategy Consultant
I am passionate about personal development and how it impacts all areas of our lives. We work together to help you focus on your individual growth track. 
It is the key to starting or growing your company or career!
Heres What I Believe:
  •  Showing up is 60% of Winning: The other 40% is what you DO when you do show up!
  •  A Plan Is Only Useful When You Execute On It: Talk is cheap - you make all the plans you want but you have to actually DO something to make a difference in your life and/or your business.
  •  ANY Person CAN accomplish ANYTHING They Set Their Mind To: This is not a willpower thing. It all comes down to a simple decision!
  •  In Life & Business Things Will NEVER Go Exactly As Planned: Detours don't change the destination, they just alter the path!
  •  You Are Unique - Your Plans and Goals Should be Too: Why would you use or apply someone else's plan for your life? 
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